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I'm Morgan. I'm 23 years old.....
Love tattoos and piercings. Going to school to stick needles in people and put them to sleep... :D
Music is my life. I couldn't live without it.
I live in Breckenridge, CO. Love the atmosphere and people here. Oh and of course the mountains and ski slops.
Love Traveling to new places, doing crazy things and meeting new people. I never back down. If you tell me i cant, ill prove to you I can. Life is to short, so live it to the fullest, be relentless and never regret a thing.
Hate bitches and complainers....
"im not sarcastic... im just intelligent beyond your comprehension." ;D

R.I.P Brett T. Knierim 3/17/12 "Relentless"
I Love You.

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